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Emerging Youth Consultancy (EYC) is a national social enterprise and youth consultancy group founded in 2020 in response to the amplification of challenges faced by youth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

EYC partners and supports private and public sector organizations and research groups in increasing youth engagement through the curation of meaningful, equitable, intentional engagement and partnership strategies. EYC specializes in curating needs-based approaches and mobilizing youth and community to create more inclusive opportunities for youth, with youth, by youth.

All consultations are done by youth, with youth, for youth.

EYC works to champion and amplify youth voices to increase organizational impact, foster engagement with internal and external communities, and co-create programs and policies.
EYC youth consultants have over 5+ years of experience representing youth and young adults on 10+ organizations and companies including the academic board of directors, research boards, youth advisory boards, as well as youth strategists.
All consultations are driven by lived and living experiences.



EYC's mission is partner with organizations and research groups to redefine youth and community engagement to be more equitable, meaningful, and intentional.


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