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facilitations and event partners

Partner with EYC's youth network and consultants in organizing events, creating youth panels, or in facilitation of youth forums and roundtables.

Partnership and collaboration is integral in ensuring intentionality. Organizations can partner with EYC and our youth consultants to co-create and co-lead youth and community centered events.


Through youth focused and driven event planning, EYC works with our clients to efficiently execute, facilitate, and moderate conferences, workshops, knowledge transfers, and other events.


Innovation and creative engagement is our number one driver.

Some of our facilitation and event partnership services include (not limited to):

  • Leading facilitation and conversations in research projects, community consultations, and other project based initiatives.

  • Working with clients to co-create creative and engagement events for youth and community partners with focus on interactive engagement, smaller breakout sessions, and knowledge tranfers.

  • Co-hosting conferences and larger scale gatherings to share key learnings and research findings.

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