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Kaitland Cooper-Parent

| Director for Mental Health and Wellness,       
  Youth Consultant

Kaitland (she/her) is a mental health advocate, aspiring well-being coach, and social entrepreneur. Kaitland is a first-generation graduate in her family holding a BSc. in psychology with a double major in linguistics from the University of Toronto. As a life-long learner, she is currently pursuing a post-graduate certificate in Addictions & Mental Health, specializing in mindfulness and self-awareness. With training in psychological first aid and crisis prevention, Kaitland is confident in addressing mental health needs within our neighborhoods and communities. 


Kaitland has lived through a tremendous amount of adversity growing up, struggling to stay afloat while balancing both survival and independence from the delicate age of 18. Experiencing the foster care system in early childhood followed by numerous instances of potential homelessness in late adolescence has given Kaitland a frontline perspective on common barriers that youth, and marginalized youth, face. Using these lived experiences as a tool, it is Kaitland’s mission to help encourage and empower others through resilience. As our world continues to evolve into this digital era, young people are in need of genuine community and support more than ever before.  


Kaitland’s passions include mental health, youth empowerment, and autonomy advocacy. A few of Kaitland’s favorite self-care activities include reading, listening to podcasts, drawing/anything creative, basketball, and being in nature. 

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