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knowledge mobilization and transfer

Collaborate with EYC in mobilizing youth and adult allies in knowledge transfers to share best practices and determine the challenges and successes in youth engagement.

Redefining youth engagement prioritizes the sharing of best practices, as well as creating toolkits to share with youth networks, youth-serving organizations, adult-allies, youth partners, and other stakeholders in plain-language for laypersons.


Organizations can partner with EYC in organizing and planning knowledge mobilizers and transfers to invite key stakeholders into a conversation to redefine youth engagement.

Some of our knowledge mobilization and trasnfer services include (not limited to):

  • Creation of plain-language summaries, research reports, presentations, webinars, media relations instruments.

  • Creating knowledge mobilizing frameworks or theories for your organization.

  • Organizing knowledge mobilization and transfer events, workshops, seminars, and other forms of engagement to share findings. 

  • Creating reports and infographics for organizations to depict findings to share with key stakeholders.

As research is preformed, diseminating the key findings and knowledge is pivotal. Ensuring findings and learnings from youth-based research is used to positively impact programming and policy is a priority for EYC. Having a hard time converting key findings to layperson summaries?

EYC can support you in making it happen.

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