Mobeen Lalani

| Founder, Principal Youth Consultant 

Mobeen Lalani a first-generation BIPOC student, professional, and youth. As a youth advocate, he has had experience sitting on multiple academic and non-governmental organizations' boards of director tables as a youth member and representative to voice challenges faced by youth.


He has had experience in educating and training organizations on the integration of diverse youth voices on their decision-making tables and strategizing unique ways to increase youth engagement. He is passionate about providing youth with the opportunity to audit, advise, and lead various priorities set by organizations that will ultimately impact them.

Mobeen graduated from the University of Toronto, completing his Bachelors of Science, and is pursuing his Masters in Health Informatics at the Dala Lana School of Public Health.


Currently, he is working at the Hospital of Sick Children as an analyst for the Electronic Child Health Network. His areas of interest include digital health, health information systems, and design, and knowledge management at a global and population health level.


Further, Mobeen is the co-Chair for the Youth Advisory Council and a Youth Mentor at the MLSE LaunchPad. He is also the co-Director for Communication and Outreach with the Young Canadian's Roundtable for Health.


Aside from Mobeen’s professional endeavors, he spends his time writing articles on youth leadership, community mobilization, and self-growth, making music, and playing tennis.