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research and evaluation

Work with youth consultants in creating a story using mixed-method research approaches. Determine the needs of youth groups.

Research and evaluation is at the center of EYC’s work. Using community-based and/or youth-led participatory action research, EYC supports organizations in conducting mix-method research, creating theory of change and logic models, and facilitating focus groups, roundtables, and surveys.


Ensuring youth are at the centre of planning, designing, and executing research is a step towards more equitable, intentional, and meaningful delivery of youth-centric programming and policies.


Some of our research and evaluation services include (not limited to):

  • Co-creating and executing research design

  • Facilitating focus groups, roundtables, and surveys

  • Creating engagement opportunities (physical and virtual)

  • Preforming and evaluating needs-assessments

  • Support with designing and implementing methods of data collection


Are you grant writing to support youth programming and need to submit an evaluation plan?

EYC can review your grant application to ensure youth are at the forefront of the granting proposal.

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