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EYC recognizes that different organizations and research groups are at different stages of youth integration, engagement, and inclusion, as well as youth strategization, hence why we cater to your organization's needs.

we believe youth engagement is grounded in 4 key principles:

respect, inclusion and representation, equality, & collaboration

Strategy workshops and sessions

Identify gaps in youth engagement strategies and work with youth consultants in addressing youth needs.

facilitations and event partners

Partner with EYC's youth network and consultants in organizing events, creating youth panels, or in facilitation of youth forums and roundtables.

research and evaluation

Work with youth consultants in creating a story using mixed-method research approaches. Determine the needs of youth groups.

knowledge mobilization and transfer

Collaborate with EYC in mobilizing youth and adult allies in knowledge transfers to share best practices and determine the challenges and successes in youth engagement.


Emerging Youth Consultancy (EYC) is a proud champion of Inspiring Healthy Futures: A Vision for Children, Youth, and Families in Canada.


You can be a champion too. Learn more:

youth engagement is a young person's civil right

let's partner to ensure your youth engagement strategies are equitable, needs-based, and intentional

we're happy you're choosing youth

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