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Strategy workshops and sessions

Identify gaps in youth engagement strategies and work with youth consultants in addressing youth needs.

Co-creation of an effective youth engagement strategy is critical in increasing meaningful youth engagement, doing so in a collaborative, equitable, and intentional. EYC uses a participatory action approach that encourages small break-out sessions for deeper discussions and values diversity in recommendations.


Our strategy workshops and sessions consist of a 4-step strategic process:

  1. Vision and Purpose

  2. Focus on Priorities and Expected Results

  3. Measures and Goals

  4. Driving Change

EYC youth consultants work with our partners in establishing strategic, intentional youth and community engagement strategies with are driven by lived and living experience and a needs-based approach.​

Strategy Workshop and Sessions

A three-session facilitated workshop using a 4-step strategic process:

  • Type: Workshop, strategy hives, and training

  • Location: Remote

  • Participants: 6-10 people

  • Duration: Dependent on number of sessions required (i.e. one session every alternating week for 3 weeks)

  • Price: Per workshop (please enquire)

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